Our physician specialists are committed to providing the highest quality of care for you and your unborn child. We have extensive experience in all aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery and the post-partum period. We provide expert and comprehensive care for routine and high-risk pregnancies. We also treat infertility, those couples that have been unsuccessful in conceiving over the course of a full year.


Our providers are specialists in the management of pregnancy, labor and the post-partum period. We provide expert and comprehensive care for routine and high risk pregnancies.

Congratulations! Your pregnancy is a time of exciting changes and the beginning of a life long journey. As a practice women trust most during their pregnancy, we are here for you every step of the way to answer questions and give you the right guidance.

Comprehensive Patient Education: ACOG Patient Info


Your initial prenatal visit will be around 6 to 10 weeks. Your insurance benefits will be explained to you and a payment plan can be set up to assist you in the payment of your financial responsibility. You will get a schedule of visits and testing that will occur during your pregnancy. We have a full-service on-site accredited medical laboratory and on-site state of the art ultrasound that can include 3D or 4D services at an additional charge. We deliver babies only at the Corpus Christi Bay Area Medical Center. Their link is https://ccmedicalcenter.secure.ehc.com/calendar/index.dot to schedule any classes or get further information regarding the services the hospital provides.

1Are there certain foods to avoid eating during pregnancy?
Yes. Pregnant women should avoid unpasteurized milk or cheeses, uncooked luncheon meats or hots dogs. In addition, raw sushi and certain fish (i.e. swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tile fish) should be avoided. Fish intake otherwise should be limited to 12 oz per week.
2Can I drink caffeine during pregnancy?
Current data suggests that drinking no more than 1-2 cups (12 oz or less per cup) of coffee, soda or tea per day is not harmful to the pregnancy. We do not recommend drinking over-caffeinated beverages (i.e. espresso, monster).
3Can I exercise during pregnancy?
In general, exercise is safe and healthy during pregnancy. If you have any medical or obstetrical problems, please discuss with your provider first. Try to exercise at least 3 times per week for 20 minutes – even walking is great! Make sure that you stay hydrated during and after your workout.
You should avoid activities that require you to lay on your back and limit lifting to no more than 15 lbs. You should avoid contact sports. Stop exercising immediately if your experience contractions, bleeding, faintness or dizziness.
4Can I dye my hair?
Yes. It is believed that hair dye is safe in pregnancy but it is not recommended until after 14 weeks pregnancy.


There has been much controversy and discussion over the use of medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A good rule of thumb is that unless a medication is prescribed by your obstetrician, you should not use it until you clear it with your obstetrician. There are some remedies and Over the Counter (OTC medications) that are considered safe for some of the discomforts of pregnancy when taken as directed and in moderation. If symptoms continue to become more pronounced, please make an appointment with one of our physicians.


Medications that should be avoided

Aspirin, Tetracycline or Doxycycline and Nonsteroidal medications such as Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Naproxyn Sodium or aspirin unless prescribed by your Doctor.


Our physicians are on-site at Corpus Christi Bay Area Medical Center 24 hours a day. Your doctor may or may not be on-call the day you go into labor. However, one of your doctor’s partners will deliver your baby.


Our clinic is located within Corpus Christi Medical Center (CCMC) – Bay Area Hospital.

The majority of our deliveries and surgeries are performed within this hospital where we are in close proximity to our patients and are readily available if any immediate needs or emergencies arise.
CCMC is located at 7101 South Padre Island Drive Corpus Christi, TX http://ccmedicalcenter.com/

Preregister online for either surgery or childbirth http://ccmedicalcenter.com/patients-and-visitors/online-pre-registration.dot
Register online for FREE prenatal classes https://ccmedicalcenter.secure.ehc.com/calendar/index.dot or call 361-761-1549.

The Women’s Center at CCMC Bay Area also offers an option for Rooming-In. This option enhances the bonding experience with your newborn and helps mothers feel more comfortable with caring for their baby before leaving the hospital. It is recommended that you call ahead prior to labor to notify the staff of your intentions. You may call 361-761-2097. The Women’s Center at CCMC Bay Area also has lactation consultants available to assist you during your hospital stay as well as after discharge to answer your questions. You may reach them at 361-761-3438.