Dr . Noriega delivered me and she was amazing. Baby’s heart rate was dropping scary with each push but with her help we both were fine and I only pushed for about 25-30min 3 pushes and I became a mom 😃❤ ~Bri Love

A year ago today I had surgery by the amazing, kind-hearted, and sweetest Dr. Sophia Ommani. When I woke up she came in and had a heart to heart with me. Dr. O told me I basically had a year to get pregnant naturally, that she worked on me extensively to get out all the cysts and polyps she had seen and cleaned the lining of my uterus. She told me anything was possible and had faith my time would come. Dr. O was the first person to listen to me and actually diagnose me with endometriosis. She has laughed and cried with me and had some tough conversations with me when it came to my care and options. She is a big reason we are pregnant today. We are so grateful for her and her husband Dr. L as they have both been angels on this earth to me and my family ❤️ #blessed #soemotional #ourlittlemiracles